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The lake Como

The lake of Como, with an area of 146 square km, is the third widest Italian lake after Lake of Garda and Lake Maggiore. Its characteristic up-side down Y shape is created by the three branches: Colico in the north side, Lecco in the south-east side and Como in the south-west side, with a total perimeter of 170 km.


Itís a particularly lucky territory, renowned for its typically mild climate. This thanks to the presence of the Alps, which protect it from the winds coming from the north, and to the great water mass that helps to tone down the sudden changes in temperature. In the winter the climate never reaches too low temperatures and in the summer, heat is unlikely to be oppressive because itís made milder from the breeze that blows from the lake.

In the Pre-Alps area instead rains frequently. Thanks to these singular climatic features, the flora along the lake shores is varied and luxuriant, and itís of a Mediterranean kind.


The limited extent of the territory does not have to deceive because in just a few other Italian localities you can find such a variety of environmental typologies, landscapes and human settlements.

Within a few kilometres the landscape goes from high mountain to lake, from wild alpine valley to hill, from urban area to few-houses villages, from fauna-oasis to ski resorts.

Very small towns, characteristic in having stone houses next to each other on the lake shores or famous localities world-known for their beauty, the lake towns maintain unaltered the charm that made them a compulsory stop for those refined travellers who crossed the Alps to visit Italy in the past centuries.

Set at the high mountainsí feet, the Lake of Como and the valleys around it, are famous for the beauty of their landscapes and the continuous renewing of colours and atmospheres during the different seasons. These atmospheres are much more amazing since they are unusual, if compared to the geographical position they have.


The magnificent residences that fill the lake shores and the Brianza (hills area between the Lake of Como and Milan), are the best evidence of the charm that the province of Como has been able to exert across the centuries, a charm that has increased by the presence of these extraordinary monuments set into luxuriant gardens.

A particular characteristic of these gardens is the presence of typical warm zones plants, like Laurel, Olive-tree and tropical plants that grow thanks to the lakeís climate, unusually mild for its geographical position.

Among all mansions there is Villa Carlotta, with its gardens that in spring give an exhibition of theirselves with the azaleasí blooming and are a destination for nature lovers. Among the ancient residenceís rooms there is a museum with famous paintings and sculptures. In Bellagio there are Villa Melzi, with its museum and its gardens, Villa Serbelloni thatís now a prestigious hotel and Villa Giulia, prestigious private residence.

Villa Balbianello with its park is a destination for pleasant trips. Then again the residences of many VIPs like Villa Fontanelle from Versace, Villa Oleandra that belongs to George Clooney etc.


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